Learning a second language has many benefits. Not only does adding a new tongue to your primary language offer a leg up in the business world, but it also improves brain function, empowers you to learn about different cultures, and improves communication skills. 

Four Benefits of Learning Another Language 

  1. Benefit Your Brain – Studies have shown that learning a new language can boost your memory, increase grey-matter volume, protect your brain from diseases like Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, and create new neural pathways in the brain. 
  2. Become Culturally Aware – In learning another language, you also learn about another culture. Language fluency allows you to immerse yourself in traditions, rituals, art, history, and food. Whether you're doing business in the Arab world, an Asian hub like South Korea or an emerging market in sub-Saharan Africa, a greater understanding of different cultures increases empathy and tolerance – two very important skills in today’s business world. This knowledge contributes to developing and growing your Global Mindset
  3. Improve Communication Skills – Learning a new language improves your cross-cultural communication ability. But did you know that learning a second language also improves overall communication skills and expands vocabulary in your native language? Being bilingual also makes it easier to recognize and learn other languages.  

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